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How to Get Involved

CCC Members participate in a Faculty Forum discussion at a weekly meeting
CCC members attend a faculty forum. Photo Credit: Shubhankar Sharma.

Become a Member
The Community Change Collaborative (CCC) holds weekly meetings during the academic year. Interested graduate students and faculty from any discipline are invited to collaborate on the Collaborative’s podcast series, community development projects in Virginia, to explore theories, methods and approaches to community change and to share lessons learned from past programs and experiences. Information on weekly meeting times and how to get involved is available here

Share Your Work
The Community Change Collaborative (CCC) facilitates conversations with visiting practitioners and Virginia Tech faculty who conduct research or projects focused on or in relation to community change through a Speaker Series and Faculty Forum. The CCC also welcomes proposals from graduate students and PhD candidates to present or receive feedback on a project or paper during the CCC’s regularly scheduled meeting time each semester. More information and a list of past speakers, including archival recordings, is available here. If you are interested in sharing your work, please contact us for more information.

Recommend a Project
The CCC designs and facilitates workshops with local community organizations and regional governance groups related to strategic visioning, positioning and nonprofit governance. The Collaborative membership also conducts small group facilitation. For a summary of recent work, please click here. If you are interested in recommending a project, please contact us for more information.