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Speaker Series and Podcast with Bill Cleveland
CCC Podcast with Bill Cleveland. Photo Credit: Andy Morikawa

CCC Speaker Series & Faculty Forum

The Community Change Collaborative (CCC) facilitates conversations with visiting practitioners and Virginia Tech faculty who conduct research or projects focused on or in relation to community change. Visitors’ research and project areas span a variety of disciplines. Many of these presentations and exchanges have been recorded for the Trustees Without Borders podcast. The podcast is hosted by the Institute for Policy and Governance Senior Fellow, Andy Morikawa.

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A list of past CCC speakers and Forum guests can be found here.

Speaker Series

The CCC invites national and international guests to reflect on their experiences researching or enacting community change. Each Speaker Series event is structured to fit the interests of our visitors. This often includes a:

  • Public lecture, performance and/or workshop;
  • Professionally recorded interview for the Trustees Without Borders podcast series;
  • Roundtable discussion or meal with CCC members; and/or
  • Guest visit to a graduate or undergraduate course relevant to the visitor’s interests.

Faculty Forum

The Forum is an extension of the speaker series to tap into Virginia Tech and the region’s local network of knowledge and expertise. Forums occur on a frequent basis during CCC’s regularly scheduled meeting time each semester. The Forum is structured as a roundtable discussion, including a 30-minute presentation and 30-minute Q&A discussion.

The Forums enhance understanding of how research and projects in community development are structured, the role of the researcher and practitioner, what challenges each has confronted in their work and what outcomes have arisen as a result of their efforts.

Graduate Student Workshops

The CCC welcomes requests from graduate students and PhD candidates to present or receive feedback on a project or paper during a regularly scheduled CCC meeting time.