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Latest Commentary

Latest Commentary
CCC members discuss at a year-end retreat. Photo Credit: Andy Morikawa.

The Community Change Collaborative and its academic partners generate robust theoretical and critical commentary regarding a variety of themes related to community development and change.  You can access these efforts following the links below.

Community Change, affiliated with the Collaborative, is an online, peer-reviewed, graduate student journal that seeks to explore multiple approaches to democratic community development and change.

RE: Reflections and Explorations

The graduate student essay series RE: Reflections and Explorations has now ended. RE served as a great vehicle to share research ideas and theories with a broader audience. All VT graduate students were eligible to offer essays that addressed a policy, politics or governance issue or concern. CCC members regularly contributed to this series.


Published every two weeks, Soundings is Dr. Max Stephenson, Jr.’s commentary series that explores salient political and cultural events in the United States and internationally.  Dr. Stephenson, Director of the VT Institute for Policy and Governance and Professor of Public and International Affairs, serves as the faculty advisor for the Collaborative.