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CCC Faculty Forum with Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski

Cruz Garcia

In November 2020, CCC members welcomed Cruz García, who is a Puerto Rican architect, educator, author, theorist, curator, and artist and Nathalie Frankowski, who is a French architect, educator, author, poet, curator, and artist. They have recently joined the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Design as architecture faculty. 

In search of critical forms of architectural pedagogy, Garcia and Frankowski are deeply invested in the development of new curricula and pedagogical experiments searching for diverse forms of public engagement with architecture, as well as a decolonization of the role of architecture in the construction of new worlds. Garcia and Frankowski develop and frequently offer international art and architecture workshops for diverse participants, spanning from children, to college students working across different fields and the general public. They co-founded WAI Architecture Think Tank and the critically acclaimed alternative art space Intelligentsia Gallery, among numerous other exhibition, publication, and research accomplishments achieved around the world.

Watch the presentation and discussion with Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski here.