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CCC Guest Speaker Series: Sage Crump

Sage Crump

CCC Guest Speaker Series: Sage Crump

Art, Creative Practice, and Social Transformation

In February 2021, the Community Change Collaborative and the VT School of Performing Arts were proud to host a public talk with Ms. Sage Crump. Sage is an artist, culture strategist and facilitator who supports cultural workers/arts organizations involved in social justice to build social movements. Sage Crump believes in leveraging art, creative practice and the cultural sector to transform systemic oppressions. In her different roles, Sage's work supports local and translocal visionary organizing, examines the movement of Blackness through time and space, amplifies the leadership of arts and rural organizations of color organizations and grows their ability to thrive in culturally authentic ways. Sage is Architect of Emergent Strategies Ideation institute. She is board chair for Media Justice, Art2Action, a member of Alternate ROOTS and a member of the Guild of Future Architects. Sage’s work incorporates complex sciences, emergent strategy and creative practice to imagine the world we want to live in and build strategies and practices that will get us there.

Watch the presentation and Q&A with Sage Crump here, or on YouTube.